Surprising Way To Lose Weight

Weight loss is surely something in everyone’s mind but how many of us do make it to reach the weight they want? It’s surely not an easy task, especially when we’re constantly being faced with a number of goodies! What can we do to lose weight without being too hard?? What I’m going to share with you is interesting πŸ™‚ This is what a study just revealed! Is it true? Well, would be nice if it but we’ll see as more studies are being made on this finding! πŸ™‚

A study by the University of Alberta in Canada found out that the health benefits from resveratrol Continue reading Surprising Way To Lose Weight

Visiting The Maltese Islands For Holiday

The world is all worth discovering but there are some countries and/or islands that I think are worth visiting even more! Malta & Gozo, which form part of the Maltese Islands are found in the south of europe, just at the center of the Mediterranean Sea! Not everyone knows about it but, those who do, surely recommend it. A good percentage of those who have one day visited do come back again and again! Continue reading Visiting The Maltese Islands For Holiday

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