Visiting The Maltese Islands For Holiday

The world is all worth discovering but there are some countries and/or islands that I think are worth visiting even more! Malta & Gozo, which form part of the Maltese Islands are found in the south of europe, just at the center of the Mediterranean Sea! Not everyone knows about it but, those who do, surely recommend it. A good percentage of those who have one day visited do come back again and again!

But what’s so nice in these islands? Well, to start with they enjoy sunny weather almost all year round but this is surely not a guarantee 😉 One of the most attractive aspects of these islands are the size, the modernization and, above all, its history! Remains found on these islands confirm that the island, and therefore the history, dates back to approx 5200yrs BC (Before Christ)! The historical remains are so strong on this island! Since it’s early days, cause as well to its strategic location, The Maltese Islands have been occupied by a number of countries. First occupants is said to be from the Phoenicians, followed by the Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabian, Angevins and the Aragonese. The Knights of St. John were next but the French, lead by Napoleon Bonaparte took over. Malta then ended up taken by the British. Malta took the Independence in 1964 and became a Republic in 1974! Today Malta forms part of the EU! Just saying them was already long so one can imagine the remains there is on these islands and all the history behind them! It surely can keep anyone interested at least in little bit of history for a good 3 to 4 weeks!

But what else does the Maltese Islands have to offer? Is it just interesting to those interested in history? Surely not! It’s quite impressive the variety of things one can find on these Islands! First and foremost, the population is very friendly and should you ever find yourself in difficulty one surely can have some peace of mind that will get the help required! Smiles are all over the place too! 🙂 There aren’t any mountains but that’s practically the only thing I can think of that one can find anywhere else but not in Malta! Looking for nice sandy beaches? There are! Looking for a good nightlife? Paceville is the best! Looking for some good restaurants? There’s practically all around the island! Interested in religion? No problem ….. there’s a choice of around 365 churches around the island, practically you can visit one every single day for a whole year! 😉 Yeah, one might think this is a joke …. the Maltese do say this as a joke but it really isn’t! There are 365 churches on the islands! 🙂 Looking for a peaceful place to go to with your family? Sure, Malta is ideal for that? Looking for some typical houses to stay in? You have to stay in one of the converted farmhouse ….. it’s a must!! Looking for a budget accommodation? There is! Looking for some luxury hotels and/or apartments? There is as well! Really, there isn’t anything in this small island you won’t find! Yeah, there’s bit of illegal immigration too 😛 Being situated just in between Africa & central Europe it’s prone to have illegal immigration! Having said that, until today, it is controlled!

Am sure you would agree with me that these Islands are worth visiting! Begin planning your next visit to the Maltese Islands, be it for holiday or business alike! If you need any help in making this trip come true, contact one of the best travel agencies that would give you the best of service! We’ve experienced this ourselves and we’re sure you’ll agree with us too! Contact D.H.I. (Dream Holidays Int.) Ltd now on +356 21 57 81 00 or email them at!

Wish you a nice and enjoyable trip!!

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