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Ryanair Baggage Allowance Restrictions

20141212_102135It’s been some time we had these low cost airlines around now, with the big names across Europe being Ryanair, Easyjet and Vueling! But how are they doing? What do travelers think about flying with them?

On the whole people do fly with them and don’t really complain much about their strict policies but only since they got used to their so much strict regulations. As most of you know, especially if you flew with them, one of their worse policies is with regards to their luggage allowance! And Continue reading Ryanair Baggage Allowance Restrictions

Flying To Malta From London France Europe

Being an island, to get to Malta (The Maltese Islands), one needs to either take a ferry or a plane. Even though Malta is relatively small, it’s being served by a number of airlines. In these last couple of years, we even saw the introduction of the low cost carriers, namely Ryanair, EasyJet, etc …..

The introduction of such carriers was expected to generate more tourists and I’m sure it did but it also left a negative effect on the airline carriers that used to operate for a long time, namely Lufthansa, British Airways, Air Malta, Alitalia, etc …. BA was already on the verge of stopping it’s presence on the island and not many new routes Continue reading Flying To Malta From London France Europe

Qantas Airline Regular Accidents

Here we are again … Qantas is for another time on the news and blaming the aircraft manufacturer. But what is happening in reality?

As we might still remember, in 2008, Qantas has been leading the news with a number of consecutive mishaps; a sudden and unexpected loss of altitude, of which a number of passengers had to be recovered for injuries and an explosion of an oxygen bottle, which left a hole in the fuselage and left no other alternative than to make an emergency landing cause of the rapid decompression. Continue reading Qantas Airline Regular Accidents

Cheap Flights Across Europe With Ryanair

There are a number of low cost carriers across the globe nowadays and some are doing really well! In Europe, one of the most famous low cost carrier is Ryanair. It serves, if not all, almost all countries within Europe and in some cases, flying into more than 1 airport in a particular country!

To tell the truth, I was always bit sceptical to fly with them but lately I had no other option and, instead of going through some other airport / country to reach my desired destination, I decided to go straight with Ryanair; at the same time I give them a try Continue reading Cheap Flights Across Europe With Ryanair