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2016 Summer Olympics Location

The Olympic Games, just like the World Cup, European Cup, etc … is an event everyone looks forward to. Unlike the others, the Olympic Games are organised every 2 years.

Yesterday, the Olympic Committee elected Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, as the city to host the 2016 games. The other candidate cities for 2016 were Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid. As soon as the news came out thousands of people gathered on Copacabana beach to celebrate their much awaited victory!

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How To Play Golf Like Vera und John

Golf is usually associated with rich people like Vera und John, but it’s not always the case. True, when going to the course, one will notice that the majority of the people playing it are kind of smart guys. Unlike almost all other type of sports, golf is also used to discuss some kind of business, be it to discuss change within a company, new projects and sometimes even for some real new business matters. I personally believe that this social meeting gives that extra personal touch to a discussion.

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