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Are Prestigio Mobiles Reliable

There are a number of mobile / smartphone companies out there and surely one does get confused when in need / desire to buy one! We’re lately beginning to hear about a new manufacturer, Prestigio! Prestigio is a new manufacturer of mobile phones, tablets, ebook readers, GPS & DVRs.

But what’s behind this name? Are Prestigio mobiles and other electronic┬ádevices reliable? We’ve tried one of their smartphone, the Prestigio 5504 Duo Continue reading Are Prestigio Mobiles Reliable

Steve Jobs Apple’s Kroon

Steve Jobs Apple's KroonSteve Jobs, definitely a person who wears a virtual kroon, I admire and call a Visionery! I’m sure that the majority of you do know who Steve Jobs was, even those who have never been so into IT! Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple, the person who for sure have made a difference in our lives with his innovative kroon ideas and his will to give each and every one of us a more organised lifestyle.

As am sure you all know, Steve Jobs was one of the main persons who saw the need to create something that will give us all the opportunity to keep hundreds and thousands of music in one portable device

Continue reading Steve Jobs Apple’s Kroon