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Thinking About The New Year Resolutions

Here we are again, it’s the end of the year and the beginning of a new year!

Throughout the year we tend to pass a lot of things, some might be memorable cause of something that was really important for us and some might still be memorable but not wanting them to be and trying to forget them! Yes, life is not as easy as we used to see it when we were still young, maybe until the age of 12 / 13, but it still worth living it as, at the end of the day, it’s what we make it and not what it is!

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Driving in Malta and Gozo

Taking into consideration the population, around 420,000 inhabitants, and the size of the islands, one might think that driving in Malta is easy!

Well, finding your way in Malta and / or Gozo is in fact easy but driving on the Maltese roads is not as easy as one might think! To begin with, at certain hours of the day the traffic is quite bad. In certain areas, especially on Sunday afternoon, it might take you around 1hr to pass an area when you usually can do so in no more than 5-10 minutes. The main issue nowadays is the percentage number of cars per family;

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Looking Ahead For A Better Year 2012

It’s time to say Good Bye to 2011 and look ahead for a better 2012! Am sure that we all had good and bad moments this year but hope we all have passed, or at least, passing all in the best way possible. We shouldn’t let things that are happening around us riun all the other good things we have in hand ….. we need to be strong and look always positively. Sometimes, it might not be so easy but that’s why we have to be strong, it’s only us who can turn things to the better, nothing will come on its own!

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