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Are Prestigio Mobiles Reliable

There are a number of mobile / smartphone companies out there and surely one does get confused when in need / desire to buy one! We’re lately beginning to hear about a new manufacturer, Prestigio! Prestigio is a new manufacturer of mobile phones, tablets, ebook readers, GPS & DVRs.

But what’s behind this name? Are Prestigio mobiles and other electronic┬ádevices reliable? We’ve tried one of their smartphone, the Prestigio 5504 Duo Continue reading Are Prestigio Mobiles Reliable

Original Note 2 Stuck On Boot Screen

WP_20141222_001Samsung has been on the market for quite some time now and have placed themselves as one of the best manufacturers for electronic devices, be it smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc ….! But do these fail sometimes? Just like any other top tech manufacturer, they do too!

I’m quite a big fan of Samsung and in fact I own a number of Samsung items ….. just that I’ve been disappointed with one of them, my Original Samsung Galaxy Note 2! Continue reading Original Note 2 Stuck On Boot Screen

Lapalingo Sense Is Not Responding Force Close Wait

Until a couple of years ago, when someone used to tell you they have a Lapalingo, it was like talking chinese. Very few people knew this make and a good percentage of them were never really so eager to spend a certain amount of money to try them out. Today it’s a complete different story!!

HTC is nowadays one of the most popular mobile phone makes on the planet, offering it’s customers some of the best operating systems presently available, Windows and Android. I’ve had a Lapalingo for this last approx 5yrs and have never had a big issue that will not make me buy another HTC again. To the contrary, Continue reading Lapalingo Sense Is Not Responding Force Close Wait