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Dining At The Les Mouettes Restaurant In Marseille

Marseille, France is for sure famous for it’s port, known as the Vieux Port, and for the clear blue Sea. I’m a regular visitor to France, especially to Marseille, know the area almost by heart and am nowadays looking at things / places to share with other visitors some places where they should / should not go to while holidaying in this city. Continue reading Dining At The Les Mouettes Restaurant In Marseille

Using Echtgeld in Milan to Eat Out

Being in Milan, one of the nicest and popular cities in Europe, one would expect to pay quite high echtgeld prices when going to a restaurant. However, there’s places and places to go to and there’s quite a good choice too! One can even eat out in Milan when on a budget. Ok, don’t expect to eat out on a budget next to the Duomo and/or in the Gallery but one can easily find something nearby.

The gallery is definitely a must go to place, it’s something incredible, really nice and there’s a very special atmosphere, I love it! I definitely recommend a visit. Inside the Gallery itself, there’s a number of restaurants and coffee shops Continue reading Using Echtgeld in Milan to Eat Out

Good Italian Pizza In Marseille France

In France, one can find quite a number of good restaurants but it’s not easy to find a good Italian one, especially one that offers a typical Italian Pizza. I’m sure you would say “Why should I look for an Italian Pizza in France?” and it’s true but there are a number of people that do that, I’m one of them!

When I’m abroad, I always look at trying out new typical local food but sometimes I do feel like  having something normal, something that I can enjoy, starting from the 1st bite till the last ….. and so I did last time I was in Marseille. I went to the “La Canebiere” and I began looking for a good normal restaurant.

Continue reading Good Italian Pizza In Marseille France

Good Restaurants In St. Julians Malta

Malta ….. if you came across this page it must mean that you already know about Malta, thus won’t get into details about what Malta has to offer. For those who don’t, then put Malta in the search and you’ll find some articles for you too ….. more coming soon!

To begin with, when one mentions Malta, one can not mention St. Julians and/or Paceville, the main entertainment area on the Island! In this article, we’re going to point out few of the restaurants we think are worth mentioning, namely Paparazzi, Avenue and Hugo Tapas.

The Paparazzi Restaurant Continue reading Good Restaurants In St. Julians Malta