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Choosing The Right Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

We’re here again talking about motorcycles and gadgets for the enthusiasts. We’re nowadays seeing bluetooth technology getting into all electronics, be it with computers, mobile phones, etc …… and now even with bike riders. A number of bikers are looking at all possible options to take phone calls while driving. Some still use the wired earphone system but most are now going for bluetooth! There are a number of bluetooth equipment on the market but not all of them are of good quality. Nowadays, there are a number of helmets that are coming with a bluetooth pre-installed, and for riduculous prices!

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Servicing A BMW R1150GS Enduro

Again, talking about BMWs 🙂 What do these bikes have so special? Well, I won’t answer this question, those who either have one or are crazy about them knows the answer! It’s not a bike for everyone but, those who have it, it’s almost impossible to let it go! I’m going to share with you a couple of things, I just got to know about recently, with regards to servicing a BMW R1150GS. I consider myself as a beginner in this but will make sure that in a couple of months time, if not weeks, I’ll be able to understand in detail all that needs to be known of this bike!

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BMW R1200GS Adventure Motorcycle Tours

The more time passes the more we’re seeing a change in the types of holidays certain people are doing. Some are looking for cheap holidays, some are looking for something of good quality for the price they’re paying, some are looking for luxury holidays but others are looking for something which they will remember till the end of their lives …… and it’s here where most of the adventurous persons are spending their money!!!

However, there are adventurous and adventurous types of persons, some looking for something that can give them that little

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FIAT First In All Trouble Doblo test Drive reviews

Since I was young, I continuously used to hear people around me giving a meaning to the letters FIAT, First In All Trouble. Not sure whether it was cause of this or not but for sure I grew up not taking much note of this car make and always trying to avoid them!

I never owned one but, around 8-10 years ago, I had an opportunity to drive a Fiat bravo. Wasn’t much as I used to hear about, it was comfortable and had a good driving feeling too. However, haven’t had much experience driving it so didn’t bother to make my opinion on it. Just 2 years ago, I hired one in Italy and drove for thousands of miles

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