Surprising Way To Lose Weight

Weight loss is surely something in everyone’s mind but how many of us do make it to reach the weight they want? It’s surely not an easy task, especially when we’re constantly being faced with a number of goodies! What can we do to lose weight without being too hard?? What I’m going to share with you is interesting 🙂 This is what a study just revealed! Is it true? Well, would be nice if it but we’ll see as more studies are being made on this finding! 🙂

A study by the University of Alberta in Canada found out that the health benefits from resveratrol give the same result as when we exercise! You must be asking what is this resveratrol and in what is this found! Resveratrol is found in red wine!! Do the question one must be asking now is …… “can I drink wine instead of exercising?” 🙂 But what is this resveratrol and what it does? It’s seems like resveratrol is seen to improve the heart function, physical performance and muscle strength!

Jason Dyck, a researcher in this University, is saying that this new theory might help those who wish to lose weight but they either don’t have the time or maybe are unable to exercise due to various other reasons! With this substance, they can literally get the amount needed to make their body function just like when being at the gym or doing some other type of exercise!

To add to this new finding, it’s also being said that those who consume a glass of red wine, or even less, are in less risk to develop cancer & dimentia and also could help in the functioning of the heart, regulate blood sugar and help in anti-ageing! Heart rate is also being effected to the best!

Ok, let’s say this is true and is really helping, then what about other foods that also have resveratrol in them, like red grapes, dark chocolate, peanut butter & blueberries? Do these also do the same effect? Well, for now, the studies are based on the wine! We’re hoping to get a more accurate findings as time goes by!

Having said all this, it’s always important to moderate. Nothing in access is good, even good food could be of detriment to us! This comes quite at a surprise and we still should hear about this in detail! Let’s wait and see what other researches and Jason himself will come up with in the next couple of months!

All this is being documented and this is why this shows there is a little bit of truth in it!

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