Solution For The Unrest In The Arab World

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the year, the news were being dominated by the unrest in the Arab World!

In 2009, after the Iranian presidential elections, we began seeing some violent anti-government protests but nothing much happened … Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is still in power, even though they’re still, every now and then, continuing with their protests and there has also been some loss of lives.

This year saw some incredible unrest throughout almost all the Arab World … beginning from Tunisia, followed by Egypt and now Libya too. In the meantime, although they are not as serious as these 3 countries, there’s even countries like Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria & Jordan that are presently suffering from such an unrest too, with lives being lost innocently!

Tunisia & Egypt, even though they are not yet stable, it’s not anymore as serious as it is now in Libya, were Muammar Al-Gaddafi is insisting he will remain in power and will fight till his last drop of blood! Unfortunately, since the media is somehow being controlled, we can’t know much what’s happening exactly but it looks like that the situation is getting worse and worse by the minute, with a number of locals and foreign nationals trying to leave the country to save their lives!

Apart from what’s happening inside Libya, one should also see what are all the efforts every country, that has it’s citizens inside this country, is doing to try to evacuate them. Some are not given permissions to land and/or berth to collect their own citizens but Malta, even though it’s just a tiny spot on the map, is doing all possible to help all other countries to evacuate and protect their citizens. Being so close to Tripoli and other cities in Libya, Malta has accepted to be used as a base. A number of military and non-military aircrafts are using Malta as a gateway to Libya and organise their rescue operations from here and be prepared to leave as soon as they’re given the permission to land in Libya. The US, since it was not given the permission to land in Libya, ended up chartering some Maltese boats to take out it’s citizens outside of the country, Air Malta is sending extra flights to the country to try to help out as many stranded people as possible, etc.

– What’s going to happen in Libya?
– What’s going to be the financial impact after this, both for the Libyans and the number of other countries doing business in/with Libya?
– Where’s next?
– How can all this stop?
– Was this the right way to topple the governments?
– What’s going to be the impact on politics around the whole world?

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