Terrorist attacks around the world

terroristIt was a morning just like any other one but it ended up as a complete nightmare to the whole world, especially to those who have lived such a dramatic experience personally. It was the 11th of September 2001, also known as the 9/11 or September 11. 4 planes have been hijacked, 2 flown into the Twin Towers (in New York City), 1 into the Pentagon and the other one crashed in Pennsylvania, with its exact destination not know. Since then the world have never seen some peace again!!!

Following this, the United States declared war against terrorist groups across the globe and at the same time went after the regime of Saddam Hussein, believed to have weapons of mass destruction and sponsoring terrorism.

From there on, regular terrorist attacks have been plotted, and conducted, in a number of countries and till today there are still people at large trying to organise more, just for the sake of harming others!

The most significant terror attacks, apart from the ones mentioned above, have been conducted in Israel, Indonesia & Afghanistan, mostly always targeting westerners. Foiled terror plots have been averted in Australia, United Kingdon, United States, etc.

– What will happen next?
– Which country is being targeted?
– How many more innocent people are going to die unnecessarily?
– Will we ever manage to live life as we once used to, without expecting imminently terrorist attacks or war with other countries?

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Air France Flight 447

air-franceAir France Flight 447 left Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, heading to Paris on the 1st of June 2009 but never reached its destination. This flight disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Brazil, and believed to have killed all 228 passengers on board!

With over a month since the disappearance of the plane, the search and rescue operations are now almost over. The only vessel in the area is a French nuclear submarine looking for the black box. Without this, the exact cause of the accident will be unknown. All we know so far, from the bodies and parts of the plane recovered, is that most likely the plane went down intact and was only destroyed as soon as it touched the sea. Debris of the doomed plane recovered are now being flown to France for further studies.

– What exactly happened to this plane?
– Can something be done to the black box in order to be more easily found?
– Are people going to be more afraid to travel?
– Lately we’ve been hearing about issues involving Airbus. What will the effect be on such a company?

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