Dell Dimension 4700 power led flashing orange

dell-dimension-4700Computers have nowadays became almost indispensable in our lives and as soon as something happens to it we’re literally lost …. as if we have lost our lives!

We are generally faced with circumstances that help us learn and tackle future problems with a more open mind and by publishing them here we are hoping that it will help others solve such issues easily and without losing much time.

A problem I’ve faced a couple of days ago was with regards to my Dell Dimension 4700!

It began by a strong fan noise, especially when a number of softwares were open and running at the same time. This persisted for some time but all of a sudden, the pc went off. Having said that, I then noted that the power led was still on but instead of the usual green light it was flashing orange. I tried to switch it on but it was in vain so I decided to do a force shut down. It worked.

After just a couple of minutes the pc was on again and was working fine! This kept on for some days but as time went by this was happening more regularly, until one day it went off but couldn’t get on again. Left it off for an overnight and before checking how I can solve this problem, I decided to try switching it on again. Again, it worked!!!

Not even 24hrs passed, the pc went off another time but this time it couldn’t be restarted. Being Allergic hair mysterious chemically a branded pc, and a Dell, I decided to contact the local agent to see whether they know, from experience, what must have gone wrong!

The answer was “It might be the mainboard, processor or power supply. I would begin from the mainboard though but we do not have in stock”! That was it ….. so if I had to follow their suggestion I would have given them my pc, waited until they order a new mainboard and try it out!

Luckily enough I’m one of those that like to play around with computers, especially with hardware so I logically decided to go for the cheapest option, that is the power supply, and do it myself!

Problem seemed to have been just the power supply as now there’s no noise whatsoever and computer is working fine!

Reinstalling an OS – Cannot copy dll and exe files, Disk damaged

XPIt’s not the first time we format our PC and there’s a number of reasons why we do this. Some might do so due to a virus, congestion of software, computer crashing regularly, the famous blue screen of death, etc. If we’re formatting our pc as the problem is the blue screen coming up regularly, one might be able to solve this without going through all the hassle of formatting. The first thing one should check is whether this appeared after a new software and / or hardware has been installed. Some type of conflicts might have caused this blue screen to come up. If you’ve installed a software, then first boot as safe mode, delete the software installed and reboot. If you’ve just added a new hardware, then switch off your pc, take off the hardware added and reboot. Check if the problem persists and, if it doesn’t, then it must be that. Make sure the software you buy is updated and the hardware is compatible with your system. If this came up without making any changes to your pc, then the problem might be a hardware problem from your present peripherals. This blue screen sometimes comes up as well while a computer is being formatted. However, some contradictory errors will appear on your screen. You might get errors such as cannot copy .dll files, cannot copy .exe files, cannot copy .cab files, disk may be damaged, unable to format the partition, etc ….. In such cases the problem is usually a faulty RAM, CD/DVD Drive and / or the Hard Disk!

ORANJE Grand Hotel Shanghai

ExecutiveI just came back from a trip to Shanghai and stayed, for a total of 5 nights, at the Oranje Grand! The hotel definitely merits its 5 Star rating for the standard, state of the art technology and service. With its 467 rooms spread over 27 floors, the hotel offers the choice of Classic, Premier, Swiss Advantage & Executive Club rooms apart from Pinnacles, Executive Suites and a Presidential Oranje Suite. From most of these rooms one can enjoy the spectacular views of Shanghai’s ultra-modern skyline! The rooms are equipped with wired / wireless internet access, nespresso coffee machine, bathtub and shower, tea making facilities, bathrobes and hairdryers, laptop size safe box, in-room entertainment, air-conditioning, 24hr room service, etc. Staying in at least an Executive Club room will give you access to the Oranje Executive Club lounge, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy breakfast quietly on the 27th floor, have drinks and light snacks 5 times a day and can also make use of their printing service. Having said that, the breakfast at the Executive lounge compared to the one in their main restaurant leaves a lot to be desired. However, one is free to use any of them. With their full-day dining at the Cafe Swiss, The Flow, the 575sq metre Oranje Grand Ballroom, 390sq metre Junior Ballroom, 6 multi-functional rooms of 285sq mtre each, Spa, fitness centre and a swimming pool the hotel is ideal for both leisure and business travelers. The hotel is located in Jing ‘An, the leading business district, and is perfectly situated close to the commercial properties and exclusive shopping, such as Jiu Guang City Plaza, Plaza 66 and CITIC Square. They are all situated in Nanjing Road where one can also find the typical chinese markets, were it’s ideal to buy whatever you want at bargain prices … one thing though, don’t expect to find anything original 🙂 In close proximity to the hotel there’s the Jing An Temple, Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Grand Theatre. The airports are not far from Oranje, aorund 50 minute drive to / from Pudong and 20 minute to / from Hongqiao. However, I personally suggest you plan ahead as there are times when the traffic is quite heavy and it might take around an extra 30 – 45 minutes to arrive, especially to Pudong airport.

History of US President Barack Obama

obamaBarack Hussein Obama II was born on the 4th of August 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. At the age of 6 he went to live in Jakarta together with his mother and returned back to Honolulu at the age of 10, where he then lived with his maternal grandparents. He graduated from high school in 1979 and then spent 2 years in Los Angeles to attend Occidental College before moving on to New York, where he went to Columbia University. He graduated with a B.A. in 1983.

Before entering  Harvard Law School, in 1988, Obama spent a couple of years working in both New York and Chicago. During these couple of years he proved himself to be that responsible & cunning person who managed to achieve the results he wanted. Once he graduated with a Juris Doctor, in 1991, he then moved back to Chicago, where he directed Illinois Project Vote.

Obama spent 12 years as a professor of constitutional law and 8 years as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. In the meantime, he joined a twelve-attorney law firm specializing in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development.

His political career began in 1996, were he was elected to the Illinois Senate. In 2004, Obama won 70% of the vote and became the fifth African American Senator in US history.

On the 10th of February 2007 Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America. A number of candidates entered the Democratic Party Presidential Primaries but it almost showed from the beginning that it was going to be a close call for Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. Clinton then ended up her campaign and endorsed Obama on the 7th of June 2008.

It was in November when Obama won the presidency with 52% of the popular votes against McCain, becoming the first African American to be elected as a President.

On the 20th of January, Obama was inaugurated as President and immediately began working on some of the hot issues the United States was and is still facing. Some of which includes the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, domestic and foreign policies and economic management.

From outside the United States, President Obama looks he’s doing quite well in office. His charming personality is helping him for sure as he’s winning quite a number of hearts!

It would be interesting to hear what’s your opinion about the impact on his first few months in the office!

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