Need Some Peace In This World

2015 …….. Wow! This year didn’t begin much on a good note! So many things are happening and have happened in these last years! Something has been on since, I think, always but in these last years it’s like it’s going out of control ….. we really need some peace in this world!

Why is all this happening? What is driving everyone reacting like this? As I mentioned, a number of things have been happening since years but what really have gone astray and which, I think, have fueled up instability was the Sept 11 attacks on US soils! Since then we haven’t had an peace, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, Gaddafi, terrorist attacks in the UK, France, etc … etc … In these last couple of months it’s increasing also the threat of ISIS, claiming they want Sharia law to be practiced all around Europe and the world! There are other minor but significant incidents happening all around, like the conflict in Ukraine, the damages the Dutch just did yesterday in Rome, etc … etc ….

My question is this? What’s driving you to make all these damages? When are we going to begin living maturely and all as one family? When will life return to normal without any conflicts? Who’s going to make the first move? Loads of questions unanswered and wonder who’s going to answer any of them!

From my point of view, dialogue is the first step! But are we all ready to dialogue? I believe that with the right words, yes, there could be a change. Surely we all have to do our part as we’re all right but we’re all wrong too! No one is perfect but I believe in that saying …. where there’s a will there a way!

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