ISIS And The Future Of The World

ISIS or ISIL is something we’re regularly hearing about! But who are they really? What do they want? Why are they trying to show off they exist? Why are they constantly terrorizing, or at least, trying to terrorise the world with their actions? What are they achieving?

So, let’s start from who they are! It appears that this started from some persons who once formed part of Al-Qaida in Iraq but who have then distanced themselves to form a much more extreme group! They are in fact even trying to show the world that they can do worst than and are even more hard to control than Al-Qaida!

There has been numerous attacks around the world by this so-called ISIS but it didn’t stop there, they’re practically threatening countries same and/or different countries every single day! Based on what’s they’ve been saying, their aim is to dominate Europe and eventually the world and force everyone practice Sharia law!

There’s a number of unanswered questions and still no one knows whether they’re just saying to terrorize more the world’s population of if this is all real! To start with, there are a number of rumors and saying that they are infiltrating Europe through illegal immigration! How much is this true? Could it be they’re just bluffing or they’re saying it in a way that most aren’t really believing but in reality they are? The 1st countries these illegal immigrants are entering are either Malta or Italy. Malta, the island of Lampedusa and Sicily are the closest ones from where they’re leaving, that is Libya and Tunisia!

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