Hong Kong Shopping And Places Of Interest

Traveling to Asia or to Australia? It would be an idea to consider stopping for a couple of days in Hong Kong for some bargain shopping! At least over there one can get some good original items at bargain prices and not the usual fake items found in most of the other Asian countries, especially in other parts of China! One will find fakes too in Hong Kong but it’s one can easily identify certain shops.

I’ve spent a couple of days in Hong Kong lately and can say that I haven’t been in a street without even finding myself immersed in the middle of a number of shops, starting from normal small ones to malls! It’s really impressive what there is in this country! No wonder why the government decided split the economy and leave HK as independent, when it’s about the economy of the country!

But is there anything else one can see in Hong Kong other than visiting for some good shopping. There’s as well some places of interest, be it culture and entertainment. For sure everyone heard about Hong Kong Disneyland and it’s a must see place for those who would like to go back in years. Everyone gets back being a child there!

Why not take a day trip to Macau than? Definitely a place worth visiting if you’re in Hong Kong. More details about this island will be shared with you in the next couple of months.

Other than that … it’s really interesting to visit the Buddha Temple, situated on one of the mountains close to the airport. I’ve managed to reached this place by cable car, the Ngong Ping 360, but, unfortunately, the weather was so bad that I did not manage to see the show and visit the temple itself. I’ll definitely go again next time I’m in or around Hong Kong.

Haven’t had much opportunity to go around in the few days I’ve spent there due to the bad weather so can’t share much with you this time. However, I would be more than pleased if someone would share his experiences and views of this place!

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