Healthy Eating With No Cholesterol

CholesterolCholesterol is in few words the fats in the blood but there are 2 types of cholesterols; the good, technically knows as the HDL, and the bad, known as the Non-HDL. The HDL is best to be in between 0.9 and 1.45 while the Non-HDL must not pass the 3.36 mark! Those who their Non-HDL levels are over 3.36, should seriously begin working on their eating habits! We all love to eat and eat good food but does having high cholesterol means you should give up good food? Not necessarily! We just need to find a substitute and there are plenty healthy eating options out there that have few or no cholesterol at all! In this article we’re going to share with you a number of items which are not only good to control your cholesterol with but also to begin eating healthy!

Let’s start with the Fruit and Vegetables. We all know how many vitamins these items have but they also have fiber and fiber itself helps to reduce the cholesterol, apart from helping the heart to stay healthy! So, fill your kitchen with apples, oranges, berries, strawberries, pears, grapes, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, dark leafy greens, celery and zucchini! According to a number of specialists one should take 4-5 cups of fruit and veg each single day! Both fresh and frozen ones are good so there’s no excuse some are out of season 🙂

Dairy Products! Cream and custard do have loads of fats and are surely to be avoidable, however, there are other alternatives. Always go for low or non-fat items. Best would be to base your recipes using low-fat or non-fat buttermilk, non-fat or reduced fat cheese, non-fat or light cream cheese, non-fat creamers, non-fat or max 1% cottage and ricotta cheese, skimmed mild and non-fat or 1% yogurt! One can easily substitute the dairy products with for example almond milk and soy milk! When buying stuff be careful not to buy any sweetened products as that would have some added suger!

Fish, Poultry and Meat! In general all fatty cuts are bad and this are usually found the most in red meat, thus do limit the intake of red meat and do cut off any visible fats! Beed, lean cuts and sirloin aren’t that bad but best would be to stick to white meat / poultry, such as boneless skinless breasts and tenders of chicken and turkey. Pork is as good as chicken too but it’s important you trim the fat out of it!! Alternative to meat and poultry is fish and the there’s a number of Heart Associations around the world suggesting we eat fish twice a week! The best for cholesterol is the one that is high in Omega 3! The most common ones are tuna, salmon, herring, trout and mackerel.

Next is Grains, Sauces, Soups and Beans! The following are the items that help reduce cholesterol. Beans & whole grain are mostly made out of fiber, thus, as noted earlier with the case of fruit and veg they automatically help! The following is a list of what is good when your cholesterol is high! Kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, navy beans and dried beans. Soups such as the reduced-sodium beef, chicken & veg. Those looking for a good breakfast can easily take oats, bran, cereals preferably with less than 8g of sugar per serving and with over 5g of dietery fiber, cornmeal and flaxseed. Are you a pasta lover? Then here’s something for you …. all whole wheat pasta such as lasagna, spaghetti, fusilli, ravioli, macaroni and rice. Wild & basmati rice are good too. Others made out of spelt flour or kamut are a good alternative too! Stick to low-fat or fat-free sauce! For those wishing something as a side, then go for wheat couscous, millet, quinoa and polenta.

To my surprise and maybe to yours too, low-sodium barbecue sauce is as well good condiment for cholesterol. Reduced or non-fat mayonnaise, low-fat or non-fat salad dressings, reduced-sodium ketchup, reduced-sodium soy sauce, honey mustard and yellow mustards are good too! For those wishing something lighter to use on food can opt for rice, balsamic, apple cider and rasberry vinegars.

Avoid or do not use butter or normal oils and instead use healthy ones, like extra virgin olive oils and canola. One can as well use non-fat cooking oils and trans-fat-free margarine. If you’re looking for an added taste when baking, go for yogurt, fruite puree and applesauce.

If you’re one of those that love grabbing a bite of something food every now and then then make sure you have a supply of raw sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts and sesame seeds, whole grain pitas and tortillas, whole-grain crackers, dried fruits, popcorn or brown rice cakes, whole-grain pretzels and some based trans-fat-free tortillas.

Spices are a good alternative to salts and mainly all spices are good; cinnamon, basil, mint, parsley, thyme, paprika, rosemary, ginger, garlic, chili & curry powder, bay leaves, oregano, cumin, chinese 5 spices, black pepper, bay leaves, nutmeg, cayenne, cloves, coriander, onion powder, red pepper flakes and Italian seasoning!

Some of the items mentioned above do not only help in controlling your cholesterol levels but also lowering it. These items are olives, avocados, peanuts, peanut oil, oat and rice bran, flax seeds, garlic, almonds, watermelon, walnut, pistachios, whole barlet, dark non-milk chocolate, plant sterols and green tea.

We’re stopping here today. We’re doing bit more research and get back to you with more possibilities!

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