Mr & Mrs Green buying Electronics in New York

There’s a good percentage of the world’s male population that are crazy about electronics! Surprisingly enough, Mr & Mrs Green are getting into this too nowadays! And it’s nice to see this as at least there’s another topic on which men and women can communicate more! We all like gadgets, they’re considered as the toys for grown ups. But from where can we get the best deals on electronics?

Well, based on my experience, the best prices can be found in the United States and in Asia. However, personally,

I’m afraid buying anything proper from Asia as you never know what’s fake and not 😛 The only 2 places, in Asia, Mrs Green is not that afraid of buying such items are in Singapore and Japan. However, even though, in most cases, prices tend to be slightly more expensive, I prefer buying from the United States. And where else if not in the one of the world’s most popular cosmopolitan city, New York!!!

Having been in the States for a number of times, I found the best deals on electronics in New York City! And Mr & Mrs Green would like to also point out the shop where, apart from having some incredible prices, you’re sure you’ll find whatever you’re looking for. Where else if not at the B & H Photo Video Pro Audio Shop!!!

You will find B & H Photo on the corner of 9th Avenue with 34th street and they’re open every day except Saturdays. Their range of products / electronics is never-ending with special prices on everything they have. Mrs Green for digital cameras, a/v presentations, Binoculars / telescopes, computers, camcorders, portable entertainment products, tv, underwater equipment, dark room equipment/accessories, professional equipment? Yes, all this and more, just name it and they have it!!!

Their service is absolutely unremarkable, you will find their staff there ready to help to any of your needs, be it just an information and or help in buying the right product for you. After sales? They’re there for you too! Believe me, you will never be disappointed.

I’m sure that with all I’ve said above you’ve already marked it down to visit this shop, on your next visit to New York. However, to make this visit to the lovely Green couple more interesting to you, we have in hand some vouchers which entitles you to a free gift, subject to a purchase of not less than $50, which is absolutely nothing!

If you’re going there and this is of interest to you, all you have to do is to leave us a comment here and Mr & Mrs Green will contact you to send you this voucher accordingly!

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