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Hyde Park Executive Apartments Stay

Hyde Park Executive Apartments LondonEveryone knows how difficult it is to find an accommodation in London that doesn’t take away your month’s wage in just a couple of days! Personally, the first hotels I usually check for availabilities, and prices, are the Imperial London Hotels, owners of the Royal National Hotel, Imperial Hotel, President Hotel, Tavistock Hotel, County Hotel & the Bedford Hotel! These are sometimes ridiculously priced! Another accommodation I lately tried, which one can say is centrally located, is the Hyde Park Executive Apartments. It’s not really a hotel as all its rooms are apartments! Continue reading Hyde Park Executive Apartments Stay

Unsure Where To Stay In London

London for touristsIt’s always a challenge to find a good centrally located hotel, and at a good price, in London! Which are the best areas to stay at? Well, to start with, it all depends on to the aim of your trip! If you’re on a business trip, then it’s important you’ll be as close to the main place you’ll be visiting often or at least somewhere centrally located close to frequent local transportation! Some might say “But with the underground you can easily reach everywhere!” True, but have to admit that it might take you quite some time to reach the other end Continue reading Unsure Where To Stay In London