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Visiting The Maltese Islands For Holiday

The world is all worth discovering but there are some countries and/or islands that I think are worth visiting even more! Malta & Gozo, which form part of the Maltese Islands are found in the south of europe, just at the center of the Mediterranean Sea! Not everyone knows about it but, those who do, surely recommend it. A good percentage of those who have one day visited do come back again and again! Continue reading Visiting The Maltese Islands For Holiday

Best Insurance Companies Malta

Insurance Cover Insurance!! Yeah, a word that most of us don’t really like due to the fact that we sometimes it’s a waste of money! But is it really a waste of money? You will keep thinking this until you’ll ever need them for something important! One can insure a property, vehicle, health, company business, etc ….

Something most of us all have is a car, motorcycle, scooter or whatever circulates on the road! 🙂 The options for these vehicles are usually Continue reading Best Insurance Companies Malta

Swine Flu Global Pandemic

swine-fluWe first heard about the Swine flu / H1N1 around the end of April, when some people in Mexico became ill with a particular type of flu. More than 2 months passed now and this flu was detected in a number of other countries, making it the first pandemic on this level since 1968.

This flu is nowadays in almost all countries around the world, with some deaths too. Until now we’ve heard of deaths mainly on patients who ever had any past medical history but today we heard about the first case in the UK were such patient is believed to have been always in good health!

As expected, this type of flu reached the Maltese Islands too (Malta & Gozo), with a number of cases reported in Gozo! With only, approximately, 413,000 inhabitants, and in such a small area, the general public is getting more concerned as time goes by. This is mainly due to the number of cases reported and in just a short period of time. Only 10 days passed since it was first found on the island and the number of reported cases is already 75!

With the WHO suggesting to avoid large crowds, this couldn’t come at a worse time ….. a number of concerts are being organised on the island! The first important concert was The Isle of MTV, which took place last Wednesday, 8th of July. Another 2 important ones will be held on the 19th of July, featuring Michael Bolton and Joseph Calleja, while the 2nd one will be on the 21st, featuring Laura Pausini! It was after a small village festa, on the island of Gozo, that The Maltese Islands reported a considerable increase, what should we expect from all these now, were thousands of people will gather for such activities?

– Is there the need to be concerned?
– What is being made to contain this flu?
– Are the authorities doing what they should do?
– What should we expect in the winter season?