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Worth Visiting Marseille France?

20141213_165724rMarseille was chosen as one of the European Capital of Culture in 2013. Marseille is found in the far south of France, situated just on the Mediterranean coast. Even though it’s still used as a trade port, it was once the main trade port of France. But what do travelers think about it though? What does it has to offer? What’s interesting to see? It boils down to one question then …… on the whole, is it worth visiting Marseille?

I’ve been visiting Marseille regularly for the past 10 years, if not more, and sometimes even more than one every year! Before Continue reading Worth Visiting Marseille France?

Cheap Marseille Hotel Accommodation

Marseille is located in the south east coast of France and it’s France’s largest commercial port. With a number of historical sites and attractions it’s a good destinations for tourists alike! Having said that, when it comes to accommodation, like almost all other places, it’s important you take note of the standard available. With a number of 2 Star hotels on the front and within walking distance to the sea, one tends to go for these accommodation. In general, theynot that bad but some rooms and / or bathrooms are relatively small and cleaning is not something they’re so popular about. I am a frequest traveler to this part of France and can say that, from the 2 Stars I’ve ever had the opportunity to stay at, I was never completely satisfied. Some rooms had a great view, since they’re just overlooking the port, but that was it! Prices do leave a lot to be desired too!