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Visiting The Maltese Islands For Holiday

The world is all worth discovering but there are some countries and/or islands that I think are worth visiting even more! Malta & Gozo, which form part of the Maltese Islands are found in the south of europe, just at the center of the Mediterranean Sea! Not everyone knows about it but, those who do, surely recommend it. A good percentage of those who have one day visited do come back again and again! Continue reading Visiting The Maltese Islands For Holiday

Best Insurance Companies Malta

Insurance Cover Insurance!! Yeah, a word that most of us don’t really like due to the fact that we sometimes it’s a waste of money! But is it really a waste of money? You will keep thinking this until you’ll ever need them for something important! One can insure a property, vehicle, health, company business, etc ….

Something most of us all have is a car, motorcycle, scooter or whatever circulates on the road! 🙂 The options for these vehicles are usually Continue reading Best Insurance Companies Malta

Worth Visiting Marseille France?

20141213_165724rMarseille was chosen as one of the European Capital of Culture in 2013. Marseille is found in the far south of France, situated just on the Mediterranean coast. Even though it’s still used as a trade port, it was once the main trade port of France. But what do travelers think about it though? What does it has to offer? What’s interesting to see? It boils down to one question then …… on the whole, is it worth visiting Marseille?

I’ve been visiting Marseille regularly for the past 10 years, if not more, and sometimes even more than one every year! Before Continue reading Worth Visiting Marseille France?

Hyde Park Executive Apartments Stay

Hyde Park Executive Apartments LondonEveryone knows how difficult it is to find an accommodation in London that doesn’t take away your month’s wage in just a couple of days! Personally, the first hotels I usually check for availabilities, and prices, are the Imperial London Hotels, owners of the Royal National Hotel, Imperial Hotel, President Hotel, Tavistock Hotel, County Hotel & the Bedford Hotel! These are sometimes ridiculously priced! Another accommodation I lately tried, which one can say is centrally located, is the Hyde Park Executive Apartments. It’s not really a hotel as all its rooms are apartments! Continue reading Hyde Park Executive Apartments Stay