Best Professional Makeup Artist Malta

Make-up or makup artists
! Some might say it’s as simple as applying colours to one’s face but, in reality, in goes much more beyond that, make-up is like an art. Professional makeup artists are mostly known for their work they do for photo shoots, television, fashion, magazines, theatrical, film etc.

Diandra Mattei Bridal Service MakeupThis profession is taken so serious that there’s even Awards for it, with some of the popular ones being the
Emmy Awards, Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, the Golden Globe and the Malta Fashion Week & Awards. Makeup artists work in most cases as freelance, they don’t usually get employed with 1 particular company, as long as it’s not one of these big world known established ones who need the service of such professionals constantly, like for example L’Oreal Paris.

Makeup comes in a variety of different techniques, the main ones being Fashion makeup, Theatrical makeup, Airbrushing, Avant-garde makeup, Special make-up effects (FX Makeup) / Prosthetic makeup, Bridal & High Definition. While Fashion makeup is usually used for magazine photography and television, the Theatrical makeup is generally used for actors performing on stage. Special make-up effects is quite explanatory in itself, it’s a fantasy makeup used when special effects are required. In some cases, even plaster casting is used for this technique. Airbrushing is a usually an alcohol and water-based makeup sprayed using a small air-operated device. This has been vastly used in the 1925 film version of Ben-Hur and nowadays widely introduced again due to the HDTV and digital photography. The latter even introduced what is now called the High definition technique. Bridal makeup is again self-explanatory, used for weddings.

There’s a number of world known make-up artists in today’s world, namely Way Bandy, Ve Neill, John Chambers, Kevyn Aucoin, Pat McGrath, Bobbi Brown, Dick Smith and Nina Flowers. These are the international ones but each country does have its own too, and this is where Diandra Mattei comes in. Diandra is a professional makeup artist in Malta offering services for, but not limited to, Editorial, Bridal, fashion, commercial / advertising and photography.

Diandra Mattei Professional Makeup Artist MaltaDiandra Mattei isn’t one of those that decided to go for this profession at a certain age. It seems like this was already something in her blood at a very young age, when she was still at school. Creating fake facial bruising used to help her going home from school even before the time passed! At a very young age Diandra was already mixing pigments and scraping pencil colours. Diandra Mattei holds an Aesthtic & Cosmetology Diploma, an International makeup Diploma and had vast training as the academy of freelance makeup and ILLAMASQUA in London, both in London. Today she’s as well a proud Award Winner of the Fashion Make up Artist Award at the Malta Fashion Awards.


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